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Saturday in Oakland, CA Tomorrow!

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Indigenous People’s Day Lineup

Decolonize Your Diet! An Indigenous People’s Day Celebration

As much of the country prepares to celebrate Columbus Day as ‘discovery’ and commemorate conquest as ‘progress’, please join Phat Beets Produce and the North Oakland Farmers’ Market in creating an alternative space to honor over 500 years of cultural, spiritual and political resistance led by the world’s indigenous peoples.  The day will be filled with music, art, workshops, and interactive cooking demonstrations exploring culinary colonialism.

When: Saturday, Oct 8th (Alternative to Columbus Day Weekend)
Where: North Oakland Farmers’ Market @ Arlington Medical Center
5715 Market St. Oakland, Ca. 94608

Co-Sponsored by: People’s Grocery, Planting Justice, Stop the Gang Injunction, Poor Magazine, Rooted in Community, Arlington Medical Center, and Phat Beets Produce
More information and schedule available at


10:30-3pm Live Music from Green for All Fellow DJ CaveM and Somos One of Brwn Bflo accompanied by live Art all day with Oakland Based Artist Octavio De La Paz

Workshop Tent
11-1pm Combating Culinary Colonialism
bu the Anti-Oppression in the Food System Collaborative (featuring members from Planting Justice, People’s Grocery, Phat Beets Produce, Green4All, and Hope Collaborative)

Through food based oral histories, this workshop will explore personal experiences as they relate to food and colonization. A theme explored throughout the workshop will be  Ancestral/Healing Food Vs Industrialized/Commodified Foods that originate from the same staple food.

Participants will build a deeper understanding of how the conquest of the Americas altered our relationship to food and what we can do to create a healthier, more equitable food system by returning to our cultural and ancestral food ways

1-2pm Po’ Poets Project: Poison on Your Plate from Poor Magazine

Po’ Poets/Poetas Pobres will do an interactive workshop, a chance to reflect on how cheap food impacts poor communities of color.  Participants will explore how food is connected to family and community health issues.

2-3pm Stop the Gang Injunction Coalition “What are gang injunctions?  What is happening in Oakland?”

Gang Injunctions are a really contentious issue in our communities.  Come here about what is happening in Oakland and participate in a dialog around safe communities.  This is an open community dialog and there will be room for discussion from both agreeing and opposing viewpoints regrading the current North Oakland Gang Injunction and the expansion the injunction to West and East Oakland.

Nourishing Culinary Traditions Tent 12-3pm

*Making Oaxacan Tamales w/ Carolina from Tamales Oaxaca

*Transitions on traditions with Raheema from the  People’s Grocery Growing Justice Institute

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